The human form - its face, its line, its beauty, and its imperfections. The artist paints all of these from the inside out.

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Sweeping Up the Heart
Oil on Paper
4" X 12"


Cyclist After the Rain
6" X 11"


Red Bird
Oil on Paper
6.5" X 17"


Heading Home
11.5" X 24"


Private Conversation
12" X 12"


La Sera e le stelle
Oil on Paper
12" X 17"


Morning Milk
Oil on Paper
8" X 12"


It was expected
10.5" X 11"


La Speranza
Oil on paper
9.5" X 18.5"


La Tazza Grande
Oil on paper
7" X 13"


Morning Juggle
Oil on paper
9.5" X 17"


Il Pozzo Poster