Pussy Willow Study

A Place Called Home

Red Sky After Harvest

From Dimming of the Day - White Corn Crib At Dusk

Rainy Day Pair

Barn Study I


Expresso Love


Puppy Love Face

Three on a Walk

Duckling 2

Little Girl -- Jean

Woman in Red Beret

The Knowing

Briefly It Enters

Calypso -- Detail



Bar Mitzvah Oh My

Many Umbrellas


Blue Umbrella - Detail

Many Moons

Brand New Hat

Field in Late Afternoon

Johnny (From 3 Little Sparrows)

Moonlight Through Last Clouds Last Light

Working Hands - Waiting For An Answer

The Stars Are Not Yet Bells

The Old Poet

The Academic

The Nest

HG - Home Again

Barn Study III - Winter

Walk In The Afternoon Snow

A Word For Husbands

Bishop On The Run

Choose Your Day


Red Sky - Barn - Detail

Study of Pussy Willow I

This Street I Know - House Detail 3

Yellow Raft On Blue Water

The Last Page

She Is Not Amused

3 Little Pigs


Early Morning

Harlequin on a Tightrope

Kitty's Lunch - Mice In Cream

Kitty's Lunch - Tuna

Working Hands - After Iron

Winter Barn


Barn Study II


Cortona For Children


Child In Cap

Craving For Salt -- Woman Looking Back

Last Blue Light

At The Beach With Grandma

At The Beach With Grandpa

Cooked Goose

Father Lepardo's Big Stack


Morrie's In Love

Late Snow

Red Barn In Yellow Field

Winter Barn 4X4

White Barn And Silo

Call To Prayer

Door To The Unknown - Detail


Michigan & Adams

Blue Nun Group

Pumpkin Lady

Light Of Repose - Empty Cup

Five Sisters

First Day Of School

School Boy - Science

Schoolgirl - Spelling

Schoolgirl - Math Problem

Gift Giver

Tom Joad - Ghost Detail

The Listner

Sister Likes It Neat


Ballet Sisters

Band-Aid 2 Small

Making Faces

Wonderland Series - Queen of Hearts

Wonderland Series - Alice

Wonderland Series - Mad Hatter

Bea Walks

Nut Hatch

What Are You Waiting For

Damn Rabbits - Late Supper

The Whole Point