Working Hands - Writer's Rest

Ladder To The Moon - 22 X 45

Me Thinlks He Could Hang The Moon


Pocket Full Of Stars

Wiser Not To Ask What Has Occurred

Unhappy Child - Paul

Shepard Puppy In Snow

Yellow Bird

Three Tulips - Monotype

Opera Maven

Door To The Unknown - Monotype Study

On The Trail - Puppy #2

Sandpiper - Monotype

Til The Cows Come Home

Light of Repose - Steam & Frost

Any Hill is Ararat Detail 1

Any Hill Is Ararat - Detail 2

Any Hill Is Ararat - Detail 3

SW Sky - Small


Happy Day - Woman in a Yellow Slicker

City Mouse

Country Mouse

Child in a Red Cap



We Three Kings

Woman and Falling Feather, Contemplating

Woman and Falling Feather, Feathered Friend

Woman and Falling Feather, Empty Cage

Woman and Falling Feather, Released

Waiting for a Train

Bus Stop

Rabbi Stern is Late For Dinner


Nun - o mio

Late Fragment -- Small Detail

Listening To The Sunday Sermon

School Girl - Math Problem

Little Robin -- Small format

Piano Scales

Lake Michigan Or The Sea That Has No Ending

Winter Barn

Don Quixote

Dog Walk

Waiting To Dive

Red Nun

Two Martini's, Hurry

Rabbi On The Run

Nun On The Run

Saucier On The Run

Damn Rabbits -- Bicycle Thief

Damn Rabbits -- Bunny And Old Crow

Damn Rabbits -- Busted

Damn Rabbits -- Headmaster

Damn Rabbits -- Gingerbread

Damn Rabbits -- How They Know

Damn Rabbits -- Pocket Full Of Poop

Pumpkin And Stem Study

Barn - Yellow Field #1

Persphone Detail

For You


Lights Out

Once He Was A Warrior

Safe In Her Arms

With Faith All things Are Possible

Julie With A Book Bag

Victoria's Hat

Working Hands -- Folded

Many Moons

Mourning Dove

Working Hinge - Small

Things We Keep, Things We Leave Behind -- Detail

Widow Mrs B -- Detail

Peacock Collage

Rainy Days, Blow and Bluster -- Detail 2

The Gathering

Unfinished Story

Worla's Magpie

Turning To Look Back, Happy To Be Here & Away

The Sound Of Night Falling

Words Not Yet Written

Sisters -- Full

Rabbi -- Detail

Our Myths Are Woven From Whole Cloth

Old Woman 2

Blush -- Detail

Cabaret Singer

Child In Winter Cap

Butterfly -- Unstretched Canvas

All Truths Wait In All Things - Blue Bowl Detail

After The Bath

Apple Picking


Elf With A Blue Box

Dreams Of Winning

Folk Dancer - Prismacolor On Tar Paper

Granary, Spilled Corn